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We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back

MaitriManthan is working to improve women empowerment in India. We dedicated to eradicating poverty in Udaipur through the education of girls and Women. MaitriManthan believes that the only way to awake the nation is by awakening women. With help of team Pacific and similar minded people working on developing the lives of women in our society, we are working on helping our women to be self-dependent.

We understand that our society has made them men-dependent. We are not here to offend anybody’s way of living but to just make women more self-sufficient by organizing classes for them to learn how to create various handmade items such as bags, candles, etc. and how to easily sell them in the market. We also award women who help us in activities towards women empowerment and this has definitely proven to be a great start for our initiative.

You may join our team for various activities and become a volunteer to help us bring in the change by filling the short form in contact us tab.