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Helping is our PASSION and that makes MaitriManthan Sansthan more than a mere organization

At MaitriManthan Sansthan we have excellent staff who are passionate about making a difference in India. Our passionate founder, Monika and small team of dedicated NGO volunteers have been the key to our success in executing our vision into reality.

Looking at the number of people we have helped, and the smiles we have created, we can proudly call ourselves successful. However, we have only made small steps towards a journey of a thousand miles – there are still many, many people who are in need of our help.

Our dedicated team of staff, with the generosity and help of successful Medical colleges and hospitals are motivated to conquer the whole of India. Get Involved in creating happier environments wherever we go! We welcome interns and volunteers from India or any part of the world to help in any way – projects, office administration, photography etc.!