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Rural Advancement



Adoption is another world for Love and Care. By choice, we became a Family from our heart until the being of ourselves BILAKH is the Best Experience for us


One of our huge responsibilities has been adopting an entire village and caring for its needs, in a variety of ways. It all began when we found five children on the shore of one of the lakes in Udaipur. They were depressed, in despair and on the verge of committing suicide. We bought them for our office to try and understand their motives. We realized that they had run away from their families after feeling so helpless and in need.

We decided to adopt their village, Bilakh, and we improved its infrastructure and other aspects of their lifestyle (health, education etc.). We conduct various educational or creative classes, for example teaching them how to make and sell handmade products. We also distribute donations (clothes, toys etc.) and get them involved in fun, bonding activities such as wall-painting. We have shown compassion and love for this village.

We have spread joy and reduced negative we are aware of many other villages that are in need and our goal is now to adopt as many villages across India as possible. We receive a lot of support and love from people surrounding us, which allow us to make a promise to keep giving society what we can and with what we have.


Since the dawn of civilization man has a close relationship with nature, Man has made friendship with nature”. Nature helps us in many ways. Similarly, trees are closely related to our life. Trees play an important role in our life and economy. However, parts of our society are randomly and ruthlessly destroying trees for their own profit. If this continues, the country and planet will bear the consequences of the greenhouse effect, there will be less or no rain and as a result, the country will face a great crisis. Trees play a vital role in our climate; they keep the soil strong, save us from flood and control our natural climate.

So MaitriManthan Sansthan has taken a small initiative to save the trees. We started the plantation project in Udaipur area to keep the Aravali Green.