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It is Health that is your real Wealth, and not the pieces of Gold & Silver

“The most important aspect of life is health, and we believe that it is imperative for developing a happy and prosperous society. We understand the economic struggles of the underprivileged who are in need of medical help, particularly those living in rural villages. Hence we facilitate hundreds of patients every day, transporting them to and from the hospital.

We currently have connections with Pacific Medical College and Hospital (Udaipur and Jodhpur), hence can provide these underprivileged people with free consultations and treatment for their short and long-term medical issues. Our project has generated health benefits amongst tens of thousands of patients whose good health and happiness motivate us further to give back to our community.

We are always in need of hospitals to consider our beliefs and collaborate with us in this way. Let’s join hands and make this world a better place for those who are underprivileged and will truly benefit from this work”

Swasth Aapke Dwar:

Swasth apke dwar is a program which focuses on the healthcare of underprivileged people who are unaware of the various health-related issue. Their inaccessibility to adequate health-care facilities has led to a prevalence of illnesses, diseases, and injuries which are untreated or unrecognized. Their healthcare project is simply – a large, yellow bus is driven around a few of the targeted villages every morning, transporting these underprivileged people to and from Pacific Medical College and Hospital (PMCH).  Around 10,000 have received free registration, consultations, and treatment/medication, due to the organization’s connections with hospital staff and doctors who kindly donate their time and services. The bus is usually filled to its maximum capacity of 35 seats; children, adults and elderly people visit the hospital each day for a variety of medical problems. After their visits, they are given a free nutritious snack and transported back to their villages. I undertook the role of a ‘fly on the wall’ in observing this project for a few days and was immediately impressed by how well organized and efficient it seemed.

Medical camps:

In association with few hospitals in Rajasthan, MaitriManthan Sansthan conducts regular medical camps for the benefit of the people in surrounding villages with the aim of enhancing its intervention in the rural areas of Udaipur & Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan. Sansthan organized many camps with specialist doctors in different villages. Each camp had hundreds of beneficiaries for free health check-up and medicines, mainly free dental check-ups, eye check-ups, sugar, B.P etc.

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