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Everyone does not have equal talent but everyone has an equal opportunity to develop the talent

“Everyone does not have equal talent but everyone should have an equal opportunity to develop those talents” – these are the words of our former Prime Minister Abdul Kalam, which we kept in mind when starting our initiative: Khushiya – the Toy Library. MaitriManthan Sansthan collects donations (clothes, toys, games, blankets etc.) to help improve the health and education opportunities of underprivileged children.

Our Toy Library is also used to hold creative and educational classes once a fortnight, providing street-children with a platform for mental and physical development. We want to nourish these children with love and care, whilst providing them education in a fun, creative and light-hearted way. There is no better feeling than a neglected child revealing his or her hidden talent – in drawing, painting, writing or dancing. We aim to motivate them to continue their studies and understand the importance of education”.