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Monika Sharma is a motivated young lady who has shown compassion towards children and women within rural India since young age, especially those affected by India’s caste system. Whilst working in private companies as a part-time job, she contributed her free-time as a motivational speaker for education and women’s empowerment. After a versatile experience in IT industry and Share Market, Monika chanced upon developing the lives of people in rural areas around the city of Udaipur and became a Motivational Speaker for youth enthusiasm.

In 2013, she decided to resign from formal employment and create this NGO. This allowed her to fully commit towards improving and empowering the currently disadvantaged lives of many within Indian society.

Some lines by Monika Sharma:-

Sometimes it takes a whole life to do an unbelievable thing and rarely does it come to you in your twenties. MaitriManthan Sansthan Charitable trust in India was established on the PASSION of giving something to the society by a young lady Monika Sharma on 09 December 2013 in her 20’s.

Before creating the NGO in December 2013, I was travelling to villages surrounding Udaipur to provide free education lessons for children, and lecturing parents on the importance of education. I genuinely care about these children and even provided for their medical needs. I am a caring, energetic, hard-working person who always strives for perfection. This NGO reflects my passion for raising awareness and helping those in need. Spreading happiness around villages and seeing the joy on people’s faces is priceless