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Monika is a 21 year old motivated young lady who founded MaitriManthan in December 2013. Before the start of her NGO Monika worked for Fusion Outsourcing and later became Relationships Manager in the Share-market. In the midst of all this, Monika made time to develop the lives of the disadvantaged in the society by becoming a motivational speaker for youth enthusiasm. As a motivational speaker she advocated self confidence amongst women to uplift the castes in society that were left behind. She later resigned from formal employment to start a MaitriManthan with the hope of changing the lives of individuals in the society.

Before starting in December 2013 Monika was giving free educational lessons to children in villages and lecturing their families on how crucial education is for the future of their children. As the NGO got off the ground, Monika approached the Pacific Medical College & Hospital (PMCH), Udaipur to seek for help in the form of resources in order to implement MaitriManthan’s primary project which is The Health Care Project. Since then she has hired a team of talented individuals that has helped in the growth of what MaitriManthan is today.