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Diwali 2k18.

On this day, Maitri Manthan team wishes You and Your Family a very very Happy Diwali. Diwali according to Hindu tradition is a festival of ‘Light’ and ‘Happiness’. To be very precise, by the time changed from 1st generation to our generation, a lot has been changed in accordance with the tradition that we are following these days. Back in the days of our Great Grand Parents and Grand Parents, Diwali use to be a Fest of putting up Lights, Colors and Diyas. But with the abundance use of Firecrackers by the preceding generations, have proved futile for the lives on this Earth.

If given a day, we can debate a lot upon this Topic of ‘How Firecrackers are a bane for Lives on Earth!’. Take Animals around us, they have a capability to listen to the lowest frequency possible, but due to Firecrackers, it has become their disability. Just observe a dog or a cat in the middle of the burst shot of happiness that you fire during Diwali, either there will be aggression or a fear of irritation that his happening due to the loud noise of firecrackers all around. It’s the same feeling of hearing a gunshot an inch away from your ear, and now feel the pain and irritation they will be having after hearing so many Gunshot like sounds all day around.

Animal abuse and Environment abuse becomes the normal part of this Fest. Children and even adults sometimes tie crackers on the tail of Animals and enjoy their pain. Imagine that happening with You and feel the same pain, would you feel the same joy as theirs? No right! Similarly, people in India keep saying, “How one day is going to get counted, if there is so much pollution almost everyday spreading in India?”. To them, we want to say that, ‘Just like an additional day of hard work keeps on adding a part to your success, like that an additional day of pollution keeps on adding to the degradation of health of the living beings and environment as well.’

Instead of boasting a culture that has not been inherited, but rather developed as a bad habit by the society in all these years; we can work together to make this World and Country a better and healthy place to live in. We belong to a society of rich and kind heritage that we carry in our culture and values. Let us not demean the original existence of our Festivals and Culture just cause we have evolved them in a rather opposite way of celebration. Let’s come together as a society and make this Diwali Happy and Noise Free for every living being exist in this World.