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Udaipur Carnival 2018 Diary.

On a Fresh Lazy Sunday Morning, that was 28thof October 2018; Udaipur was soaring high to run a long Marathon and to clean the city from Sukhadia Circle to Fatehsagar area. Udaipur Carnival was the event organised by Solaris group of IIM Udaipur and Maitri Manthan became an active part of the same.

On the very fine morning at around 7 a.m., we were given a place in the carnival to showcase ourselves as well as the virtues that we carry for the society. After all the establishment, we the team of Maitri Manthan welcomed our Lil’ Bright Minds with not so little Dreams in our show stall. The Beautiful people I’m talking about are the Children of Mandesar Village, which is near Dabok in Udaipur. With all the perseverance and enthusiasm at an age of 6-15, they came and sat around to make their wonderland a reality of colors and paints.

We were not selling dreams, though we sold the bookmarks prepared by them against the donation made by the people who interacted with us and the activities of our children. To be brutally honest, they weren’t sold but were given as souvenirs to the people for investing in a good deed that day. Now You’ll say what was so special about the bookmarks that they were given as souvenirs ?

Have you seen the Wonderland once ? Maybe in your Dreams ? Maybe when you were a child ?
Everyone of us at that age carried a beautiful imagination (some of you are still having it), we painted them over every thing that we found at that time, take walls, empty pages, and everything that took shape of a canvas in our mind. Wasn’t that the happiest time we can ever had in our lives.

Now the thing is they are the ones, who are being abducted from the basic education, which eventually is a Right for us being in the society. Reason being is the funds ! They don’t have funds to afford a basic good education for a brighter tomorrow. Maitri Manthan raised the Donation in the show stall which will be utilized to fund education and healthcare of the children present there.

By the time everything ended, we had what we wanted; A good response and a better understanding from the people around. Even a small girl of 5thGrade was inspired by the work we were doing and wrote some beautifully sweet and kind words for our achievements. And then the whole Ice Cream was concluded on the Popsicle sticks that our Children prepared at the event. So just as those Popsicle stick bookmarkers, bookmark us too on your Media Handles and support us in whatever way You can. We have taken so much from the society, now it’s the Time to give Back.


Workshop at Inox Cinemas Udaipur.

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” On 19th of October 2018 which was celebrated as Dusshera in India, A festival when the Goodness took over Evil; when Virtues of Ram won the battle against the Vices of Ravan. We at Maitri Manthan was invited to Inox Cinema Udaipur to tell and make the employees aware about a lot of less known facts on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013. So we taught them about the Prevention, what is being prohibited in the act and also how the redressal works in our country against it. Spreading awareness about the same to 34 men and 9 women, we got know that even the ratio is lacking, the working environment isn’t. They work with a spirit of togetherness leading to equal achievement for all.

We at Maitri Manthan work towards basic education and women empowerment and in our notion, both go hand in hand. They always teach us to pray a woman but never taught to respect one, so the thoughts that prevail in the society today started nurturing in the same way we see them working and being performed throughout.

In a social culture where we are being sent to good institutes to get a good scoop of education, at the tip of the same cone, we find nothing interesting to satisfy our senses, that’s where the education of Sexual harassment against women are lying. Harassment is a trauma and we can’t even explain how dreadful it is to get through all of it.

Hence to put a full stop on it, we try our best to teach people through our workshops, how not to go against someone’s will but also not against the law and order. Now the law doesn’t pardon your sins, no matter how small they are and Harassment these days in India tops the chart in crime. Get yourself not only a good education but better senses and a fruitful mind of great thoughts. And we urge Women to please stop being Politely angry and saying, ‘Everything is OKAY !’.