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Diwali 2k18.

On this day, Maitri Manthan team wishes You and Your Family a very very Happy Diwali. Diwali according to Hindu tradition is a festival of ‘Light’ and ‘Happiness’. To be very precise, by the time changed from 1st generation to our generation, a lot has been changed in accordance with the tradition that we are

Udaipur Carnival 2018 Diary.

On a Fresh Lazy Sunday Morning, that was 28thof October 2018; Udaipur was soaring high to run a long Marathon and to clean the city from Sukhadia Circle to Fatehsagar area. Udaipur Carnival was the event organised by Solaris group of IIM Udaipur and Maitri Manthan became an active part of the same. On the

Workshop at Inox Cinemas Udaipur.

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” On 19th of October 2018 which was celebrated as Dusshera in India, A festival when the Goodness took over Evil; when Virtues of Ram won the battle against the Vices of Ravan. We at Maitri Manthan was invited to Inox Cinema Udaipur

Shaping India with Women Empowerment ?

Women Empowerment is a path less followed if we are walking in today's India. "Bharat Maa", as we usually refer it, a Country of diverse religion but monotonous mentality. Here Women Empowerment has to find a space in the virtues of intolerance of religion, women, thoughts or speech. We all find a way to uplift