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Anything that gets your BLOOD racing is probably worth Doing

Charitable trust in India -MM is an Indian recognized charitable trust, established in Udaipur. It’s working for Help, Charity and Sponsor a child in India.

What are you Passionate about ?

Sometimes it takes whole life to happen the Answer of this question and rarely does it come to you in your twenties. MaitriManthan Charitable trust in India
was established on the PASSION of giving something to the society by a young lady Monika in December 2013 in her 20’s.

After a versatile experience in IT industry and Share Market, Monika chanced upon developing the lives of people in rural areas around the city of Udaipur and became a Motivational Speaker for youth enthusiasm.

Today MaitriManthan is all about helping and giving to underprivileged and transforming lives through bringing in the CHANGE required within our society. As the name suggest: Maitri “People of similar mentality” and Manthan “Collision to Productive outcome” MaitriManthan is a holistic approach towards planning and executing the life changing activities with the help of people of same mentality as ours such as YOU.

We believe in Giving, Helping and Spreading HAPPINESS. Because Helping the WEAK makes us STRONGER!!!